International Women’s Day

I’m back in the studio on a Monday morning for the first time in a long time today. I’ve not been able to start the week properly since the start of the year, mostly working evenings, so it’s been difficult to fit the work in around home commitments. But today we hopefully turn a corner as I was finally able to walk my daughter to school in the Spring sunshine. She was understandably nervous about the whole thing, but the fact that it was International Women’s Day genuinely brought a smile to her face and gave her so much encouragement. We enjoyed the 6Music morning playlist and she talked to me excitedly about the Suffragettes! (She loves this book written and illustrated by David Roberts, it is a rather fantastic piece of work and we couldn’t recommend it highly enough). She’s such an amazing, independent girl already. A credit to her wonderful Mother who has also worked non-stop throughout the pandemic. I love them both so much. I cant wait to see her exploring again, hopefully travelling further afield and perhaps searching through a rock pool or two in the Summer. She’s quite the adventurer and it’s been hard to feel like we need to curtail those instincts during lockdown. Last year I worked from a photo of her climbing a tree for this test illustration. I don’t get to work on figures very often at this scale… so I was delighted to have an opportunity to capture her freedom and curiosity in the great outdoors. It’s an image that has stayed with me throughout the last year and today seemed like a great excuse to share it. A reminder of what we’ve missed and will hopefully return to very soon.