In the Night Studio (Part 2)

Here we go again. The studio remains open and work has to continue… but all tentative plans for the new year have gone out of the window; as our eldest does her schooling from home. That’s now eating up many of my usual studio hours, leaving me no choice but to try and catch up in the evenings. The online shop (and my Etsy store) will also remain open for orders. Fortunately, I do have my studio space which is always welcoming and ready for me (even if i’m not energised and ready for it!). There are a couple of commercial projects and at least one big commission to work on, so i’ll need to find the enthusiasm and get stuck in. I’m also desperate to start the painting on some larger canvases of my own. There’s half a dozen now that i’ve planned and drawn out onto the canvas surface. Fingers crossed there’s a spare hour or two to make headway on those.

Wish me luck for the ‘Night Studio’ in the weeks ahead! If you’re trying to get hold of me, do leave a message or send an email. That way I can continue to juggle the demands of studio and home… and i’ll get back to you as soon as I can, thank you!