I love exploring cities. experiencing the vibrant atmosphere and urban spaces. There is usually a jumble of time periods and a variety in the surviving buildings. I particularly enjoy discovering the quieter contemplative spaces between the busy, bustling ones. They are often found through wandering the pavements… taking that extra time to walk and look around.

These posts contain some of my city artworks, inspired by the architecture of the world and a lot of wanderlust!

Jack Dee Live at the Apollo - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman

Jack Dee Live at the Apollo

Here's a commissioned piece I created back in December. It's an evening study of the Hammersmith Apollo in London. 'Jack Dee Live at the Apollo' was created as a gift, celebrating the comedy series which performed here from 2004 and aired on BBC ...

October 18th, 2022 | #PaintedCities, #PaperDiorama

Brixton Academy Lightbox

Here's a little paper-cut painting of the Brixton Academy... with a new electric twist. This was a self initiated piece and an excuse to experiment. It also made a nice warm up; as I have a couple of privately commissioned dioramas to work on in ...

Liberty Diorama - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman
September 28th, 2022 | #PaintedCities, #PaperDiorama, Studio blog

Liberty Diorama

A little architectural study to share today; 'Liberty Diorama'. I have painted Liberty before but from a more central position. In the traditions of a grand department store it takes up a big chunk of city block on Great Marlborough Street. Pretty ...

Sun in the High Street Winchester - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman

Sun on the High Street

Here's a sunny view I forgot to post. You know how you just forget about a whole original canvas you've worked incredibly hard on. We've all done that... right? Ah, well probably just me. This one was a personal piece, not done on commission or ...

Cathedral Snowfall

It’s been almost 10 years since I painted my first snowy view of Winchester Cathedral. ’Winchester by Cathedral Light’ was part of my first set of Christmas cards and has remained a big part of my seasonal offering ever since. It wasn’t a ...

Night Before Christmas

The Night Before Christmas

The Night Before Christmas is perhaps the most famous of all festive verses. Clement Clarke Moore (1779 - 1863) wrote the poem, also called “A Visit from St. Nicholas", in 1822. It's now a tradition in many families to read the poem on Christmas ...

Royal Albert Hall

In my studio I keep a little black book of ideas and scribbled suggestions for scenes to work on. I also have a drawer that houses a rather messy collection of initial sketches and compositions... usually self initiated illustrations that i've ...

Winchester Independents

Winchester Independent Paper Studies

Bringing it closer to home with a couple of Winchester Independent establishments this week. The architecture around the city is fascinating, so here’s a couple of building studies on paper to add to my growing illustrated version of ...

Painted Clocks - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman

Painted Clocks

While standing at my workbench, cutting away at the paper for a recent architectural study (the process is very therapeutic and extremely satisfying), I found myself staring at a clock face... it’s a strange thing when you’re in that creative ...

Barnsley Town Hall Detail - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman
March 20th, 2020 | #PaintedCities, Studio blog

Barnsley Town Hall

In the Summer/Autumn of last year I sent a number of my Grand Canal, Venice greeting cards up to the Cooper Gallery in Barnsley. The gallery shop stocked them alongside their Venice exhibition. Since then i've sent a number of other designs up for ...

Books & Catalogues - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman
Books & Catalogues - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman
Books & Catalogues - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman
Books & Catalogues - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman
Books & Catalogues - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman
Books & Catalogues - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman
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