East Head, West Wittering by Emma Lowres
March 19th, 2021

Open Air Paintings of Emma Lowres

Last year I took part in the #ArtistSupportPledge, and today I can finally show off the art we picked up in the Summer! These studies were created by the wonderfully talented painter Emma Lowres. We actually picked them up during the limited open studios in August. In all honesty we had been eyeing up her work for a little while (well worth following her instagram for painted loveliness) and Nicky had messaged in the hope of ...

January 16th, 2021

In the Night Studio (Part 2)

Here we go again. The studio remains open and work has to continue... but all tentative plans for the new year have gone out of the window; as our eldest does her schooling from home. That's now eating up many of my usual studio hours, leaving me no choice but to try and catch up in the evenings. The online shop (and my Etsy store) will also remain open for orders. Juggling some new canvases and planning for the year ...

January 8th, 2021

Wilton Arms, Belgravia

It’s been quite a while since I enjoyed a good pint down the pub. If I’m honest it had become quite a rare event anyway (well before we were ordered to stay at home due to a global pandemic!). But I still enjoy the notion of an inviting public house. They are undoubtably special institutions here in the UK, that I think we have always taken for granted. Pretty much always open, cosy and warm on a biting Winter’s day... ...

Night Before Christmas
December 18th, 2020

The Night Before Christmas

The Night Before Christmas is perhaps the most famous of all festive verses. Clement Clarke Moore (1779 - 1863) wrote the poem, also called “A Visit from St. Nicholas", in 1822. It's now a tradition in many families to read the poem on Christmas Eve. It still evokes a tremendous amount imagery for me and I couldn't help but repeat it's verses whilst painting this illuminated High Street scene. I've painted quite a few snow ...