Screen on the Green - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman
October 16th, 2020

Everyman & Picturehouse Cinemas

Here’s a couple of new cinema studies, not independents but London movie theatres with long histories. I’m sharing these as the news settles regarding the (hopefully temporary) closure of Picturehouse cinemas. A lot of cinemas have attempted to welcome back visitors after lockdown... and we had the joy of attending screenings for movies in Southampton and Winchester. Each occasion was perfectly observed with social ...

Primrose Hilll in Autumn - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman
October 2nd, 2020

Primrose Hill in Autumn

A fresh commission to share today 'Primrose Hill in Autumn', a new artwork but a familiar viewpoint from the beautiful lookout on Primrose Hill. The scene is filled with exaggerated autumnal shades, creating a patchwork of colours below the ever changing London skyline. The vista stretches from the corner of Camden Town (with St Pancras and docklands in the distance) over to the London Eye. I've particularly ...

Royal Albert Hall Colouring Pages
September 12th, 2020

Royal Albert Hall Colouring Page

Will you be tuning in to the last night of the proms this evening? As with all the other big crowd events, everyone who enjoys the last night celebration (along with the rest of the wonderful prom season) will have to tune in remotely. I recently completed my illustrated version of the Royal Albert Hall, and thought it might be a nice thing to have my sketch stage available as a colouring page. Just in case you fancy ...

September 10th, 2020


I've been busy sorting out my archive/back catalogue this week. Weird to think i've been creating art for long enough now to need one! Thought it would also make a nice exercise to time travel a little in the weeks ahead with some #ThrowbackThursday images across social media. So watch out for some nostalgic trips down memory lane from me! It was hard to know quite how early to start, seeing as i've been creating things ...