July 23rd, 2021

Winchester City Museum

It’s wonderful to see the local museums and tourist spots open again around town. There’s a few more people around and life seems to be returning. This week I delivered a fresh stock of cards and gift items to the City Museum in Winchester ahead of the Summer holiday. The shop has showcased my artwork for a couple of years now and always make a great display of my pieces. I took a few photos of the shop space ...

July 20th, 2021

St Cross Artworks

The Hospital of St Cross has been on my Winchester to-do list for many years. It’s one of the longest standing historical sites in the area, positioned to the South of the city and surrounded by the water meadows. I always thought a depiction of it’s main tower would make a lovely atmospheric Christmas card. Indeed many people have already photographed and painted it… but I wanted to give it a go with my style. ...

Hampshire Open Studios 2021
July 14th, 2021

Hampshire Open Studios 2021

As I busily paint away in my quiet little corner of Hampshire... the Summer holiday approaches all too quickly. But one of the things that i'm particularly looking forward to is the opportunity for a proper open studio! Hampshire Open Studios 2021 will be going ahead in August after last year's events were understandably muted and limited to a few booked visits. This time we have more freedom to open up and extend our ...

Winchester Visitor Information Centre
July 9th, 2021

Winchester Visitor Information Centre

Delighted to have a new display of my artwork up at the Winchester Visitor Information Centre! I dropped off fresh card stocks today and had an opportunity to take a couple of quick photos. It's the first big display of my new mugs and puzzles too... which i'm relieved to say don't look out of place alongside all of the other lovely things in the shop. It all looks very colourful at least! The staff have done a wonderful job ...