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Creative posts and articles posted on the studio blog. Written by artist and illustrator Jonathan Chapman MA. They feature his most recent illustrations. Plus for anyone interested in the creative process, a few photos from behind the scenes. Including projects that are still in progress. Jonathan likes big colours and lots of detail, he enjoys travelling and finding new compositions with his camera and sketchbook.

Kernow Inspiration Break - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman
August 5th, 2022 | Studio blog


Last week I escaped to the West country for a much needed Kernow inspiration break. Opportunities to travel have been so limited recently, so the chance to visit one or favourite UK spots was VERY welcome. I took the kids and they spent pretty much ...

July 15th, 2022 | Studio blog

Snow in July

For anybody working in seasonal marketing, they will already be painfully aware of the disconnect between the creation of a holiday campaign and the lived customer experience. Somebody has to design, develop and make these things long before anyone ...

Yarty Recipe Booklet

This was an eagerly anticipated print delivery, something for the chefs and cocktail makers in the room! I designed and provided the illustrations on a new 22 page booklet filed with recipes inspired by Yarty’s flavours. Their fruit vinegars are ...

Easton Flower Festival - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman

Easton Flower Festival

Well this was a glorious way to kick off the Summer season! I was delighted to show my paintings alongside local artists at the Easton Flower Festival last weekend. Kirstin White, Emma Lowres, Jules Hoffman and Jean Wheeler put on a wonderful ...

Hampshire Open Studios - Summer Event

Summer Events & Exhibitions

I'm delighted to be showcasing new artwork this Summer, actually on a wall where you can go to see it! I'll be taking part in two big Summer events; both held locally in Winchester. Easton Flower Festival 2022 Enjoy the flower filled St ...

Centre Court Wimbledon - Illustration by Jonathan Chaman

Centre Court Wimbledon

What word would you use to describe the sound of a tennis ball being hit at Wimbledon? 🎾 I spent the entire time painting this illustration of ‘Centre Court, Wimbledon’ imagining THAT sound… it was very distracting! ...

Yarty T-Shirt Designs - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman

Yarty T-Shirt Designs

Something new this week, always nice to tick off another of the commercial illustration wish list! I had the opportunity to work on some T-Shirt designs for Yarty. I already had lots of assets and illustrated elements created for other Yarty ...

Detail of Alpbach, canvas painting and palette
April 5th, 2022 | Studio blog

A Little Alpbach Commission

Here’s a little return to the Alps, a private commission of Alpbach in Austria. It was painted with acrylic & ink on 20 x 20cm deep edge canvas and intended to be given as a gift. I do love a wintery mountainside… full of snow topped ...

April 1st, 2022 | Studio blog

Hello to Spring

March 21st - April 3rd (approx) is the Spring micro-season known in Japan as Shunbun (春分), it’s the time of the Vernal Equinox when “Sparrows start to nest, cherry blossoms bloom.” There are many wonderful things about having a ...

March 28th, 2022 | Studio blog


Well no doubt March has been an unlucky month for us a family. We started off with more COVID disruption with our eldest home from school. 48 hours of feeling under the weather followed by a boredom inducing isolation period. The poor kid tested ...