Seasonal Illustration

Seasonal illustration, festive artwork for the big calendar dates with a particular focus on Christmas. These posts relate to commissioned projects or personal work that has then been licensed later for commercial use. If you’d like to work with me on a future festive project, please contact the studio!

Weihnachtsmarkt Hamburg - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman

Weihnachtsmarkt Hamburg

This year has been full of festive scenes, I guess it’s become one of my specialities? I enjoy the challenge of them and they seem to hit the right level of twee/decorative to work well on product packaging, cards and my favourite ceramic tree ...

November 3rd, 2022 | Seasonal Illustration, Studio blog

Winchester Magazine No.26

Delighted to be featured on the Winter cover for Winchester Magazine. I believe it is now out there in the wild and ready to be snapped up around the City. The team do a wonderful job of putting this publication together; it is always beautifully ...

Christmas at Liberty

It feels like I haven't stopped with festive projects since last Christmas! The one I have to share with you today came in right at the beginning of the year (after I had just about recovered from the previous holiday season). Here's my very snowy ...

Cathedral Snowfall

It’s been almost 10 years since I painted my first snowy view of Winchester Cathedral. ’Winchester by Cathedral Light’ was part of my first set of Christmas cards and has remained a big part of my seasonal offering ever since. It wasn’t a ...

Night Before Christmas

The Night Before Christmas

The Night Before Christmas is perhaps the most famous of all festive verses. Clement Clarke Moore (1779 - 1863) wrote the poem, also called “A Visit from St. Nicholas", in 1822. It's now a tradition in many families to read the poem on Christmas ...

Rockefeller Christmas Tree - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman

Rockefeller Christmas Tree

The Rockefeller Christmas Tree, perhaps the most famous Christmas tree in the World? It has been a tradition at Rockefeller Center, in Midtown Manhattan since 1933. The tree is usually a Norway spruce, 69 to 100 feet (21 to ...

Carols Around the Christmas Tree

Carols Around the Christmas Tree in Winchester

It almost feels safe to post Christmas illustrations... almost. Every year it's a strange balance between customers who ask after Christmas Cards during the Summer Open Studios (!) and resisting flooding social media with festive images before the ...

Christmas Wrapping Paper

Christmas Wrapping Paper Design

The idea for this Christmas wrapping pattern has been swimming around in my head for a couple of years now! and every year time creeps away from me and the Christmas rush swallows up any spare moments in the studio.But this year I have been ...

Skate Somerset House Painting

Somerset House at Christmas

I've started working on a new series that I hope to be able to show you in the lead up to Christmas. I'm aiming high and trying to achieve something a little different, while still being able to show off my usual feature paintings. It's all very ...

Books & Catalogues - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman
Books & Catalogues - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman
Books & Catalogues - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman
Books & Catalogues - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman
Books & Catalogues - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman
Books & Catalogues - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman
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