Private Commissions

If you’re looking for an original piece of artwork, perhaps I can create a bespoke canvas or framed illustration for you? There are many reasons to commission work, some use it as an opportunity to celebrate a favourite location, illustrate a personal story or mark a special moment in their life… and they are often given as gifts for special occasions.

Below you will find recent examples of commissioned artwork for private individuals.

You can also read my rough guide to the commissioning process here.

Constructing City Compositions

Constructing City Compositions

A torturous title 😆. It can be difficult to get across just how much preparation and construction goes into an artwork. Especially the bigger canvas compositions, which can be quite the jigsaw puzzle! I like to think that it’s one of the ...

Jack Dee Live at the Apollo - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman

Jack Dee Live at the Apollo

Here's a commissioned piece I created back in December. It's an evening study of the Hammersmith Apollo in London. 'Jack Dee Live at the Apollo' was created as a gift, celebrating the comedy series which performed here from 2004 and aired on BBC ...

December 7th, 2022 | #PaperDiorama, Private Commissions

The Science School at Winchester College

A little papercut commission to share with you today; a sweet architectural study of the Science School at Winchester College. It was created with acrylic and ink before cutting out and raising from the background. The building was apparently built ...

Detail of Alpbach, canvas painting and palette

A Little Alpbach Commission

Here’s a little return to the Alps, a private commission of Alpbach in Austria. It was painted with acrylic & ink on 20 x 20cm deep edge canvas and intended to be given as a gift. I do love a wintery mountainside… full of snow topped ...

October 21st, 2021 | Private Commissions, Studio blog

Iguazu Falls

Need somewhere for your mind to escape to today? May I suggest you allow your imagination to wander off into this colourful place... Iguazu Falls in Argentina! This stunning location was chosen for a vibrant commission, with lots of lush greenery, ...

Allotment Sunset Commission Overview - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman
September 4th, 2021 | Private Commissions, Studio blog

Allotment Sunset Commission

I’ve been desperate to share photos of this recent commission with you. ‘Allotment Sunset’ has been a looming presence in the studio space for the past month or so, a physical construction challenge as well as an artistic compositional one. ...

April 2nd, 2021 | Private Commissions, Studio blog

Zugersee Commission

Returning to one of my favourite lakes, Zugersee, for this big commission inspired by Switzerland! I seem to get asked to paint at least one Swiss scene every year and this year's attempt came early in the calendar... not that I have any ...

Wilton Arms, Belgravia

It’s been quite a while since I enjoyed a good pint down the pub. If I’m honest it had become quite a rare event anyway (well before we were ordered to stay at home due to a global pandemic!). But I still enjoy the notion of an inviting public ...

No.30 – Auckland

I've been looking forward to sharing this scene with you. It's a commission of Auckland in New Zealand for our wonderful friends Hannah and Alex. They worked over there a few years ago and wanted a memory of their time living in the city. I'm ...

Primrose Hilll in Autumn - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman
October 2nd, 2020 | Private Commissions, Studio blog

Primrose Hill in Autumn

A fresh commission to share today 'Primrose Hill in Autumn', a new artwork but a familiar viewpoint from the beautiful lookout on Primrose Hill. The scene is filled with exaggerated autumnal shades, creating a patchwork of colours below the ever ...

Books & Catalogues - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman
Books & Catalogues - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman
Books & Catalogues - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman
Books & Catalogues - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman
Books & Catalogues - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman
Books & Catalogues - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman
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