Commercial Illustration

Raspberry Beret

It’s always nice to have a fresh canvas to play with (and I’m lucky enough to be given quite a lot of creative freedom in my illustration). But sometimes a commercial project requires a reworking. It’s a different challenge to bend new art ...

Auf Deutsch

It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with a couple of German companies this year. One directly and another on behalf of Yarty, who are working with a major distributor for the European market. We’ve been sharing food and drink illustrations ...

Christmas at Liberty

It feels like I haven't stopped with festive projects since last Christmas! The one I have to share with you today came in right at the beginning of the year (after I had just about recovered from the previous holiday season). Here's my very snowy ...

Harrods Illustration by Jonathan Chapman

Harrods Illustration

I don’t think there are many more challenging facades, than Harrods in London. The scale of the building makes it incredibly difficult to capture the distant ends of Brompton Road and Hans Crescent. Yet any Harrods illustration needs to try and ...

Yarty Recipe Booklet

This was an eagerly anticipated print delivery, something for the chefs and cocktail makers in the room! I designed and provided the illustrations on a new 22 page booklet filed with recipes inspired by Yarty’s flavours. Their fruit vinegars are ...

Jotron Ringdalskogen

Jotron Ringdalskogen, Larvik

From Newcastle to Winchester to Norway. Sometimes projects can connect over a surprising time and distance. I recent completed this new painting commission for Jotron; an original acrylic and ink illustration of a the new head office in Larvik, ...

Winchester Market Town Guides (2022) - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman

Market Town Guides

Who doesn’t enjoy a good illustrated map? This project for Winchester City Council was all the more enjoyable because it focused on three local towns that I know very well; Alresford, Bishop’s Waltham and Wickham. Indeed, we live on the old ...

Yarty T-Shirt Designs - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman

Yarty T-Shirt Designs

Something new this week, always nice to tick off another of the commercial illustration wish list! I had the opportunity to work on some T-Shirt designs for Yarty. I already had lots of assets and illustrated elements created for other Yarty ...

Hello to Spring

March 21st - April 3rd (approx) is the Spring micro-season known in Japan as Shunbun (春分), it’s the time of the Vernal Equinox when “Sparrows start to nest, cherry blossoms bloom.” There are many wonderful things about having a ...

Great British Food Awards - Black Garlic Vinegar Illustration

Great British Food Awards

Congratulations to Yarty! two of their products have been selected as finalists in the Great British Food Awards. ‘B’ Black Garlic Vinegar and a Raspberry & Hibiscus cordial. They asked me to create an advert that will run in the monthly ...

Books & Catalogues - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman
Books & Catalogues - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman
Books & Catalogues - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman
Books & Catalogues - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman
Books & Catalogues - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman
Books & Catalogues - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman
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