World Travel Calendar 2024

I recently picked my 12 different destination illustrations for next years’ travel calendar. And it’s a joy to have the freshly printed pages arrive in the studio. Here are some previews of the artworks I’ve chosen. A mixture of new pieces and a few older favourites… including my Mount Fuji painting for a very calm and (for me at least) a fairly minimalist cover.

I really enjoy having this format to showcase my work. Even as a limited run of 100 it feels like a useful process, revisiting locations and perhaps providing some inspiration for the months ahead. I’m already lining up scenes for the 2025 calendar… and hopefully, without building work to distract me, I should be able to have these ready a little earlier in the year! Leave me a comment below if there’s a place you’d like to see featured next time.

If you still appreciate a traditional paper calendar you can grab a copy of my World Travel Calendar 2024 here on the studio shop, or over on my Etsy store.

Where would you send an artist to be inspired? What location should I paint next? leave me a suggestion or comment here!

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