Raspberry Beret

It’s always nice to have a fresh canvas to play with (and I’m lucky enough to be given quite a lot of creative freedom in my illustration). But sometimes a commercial project requires a reworking. It’s a different challenge to bend new art into an existing design. The lovely folks at Yarty like to throw me these tests. As David puts it… time to get your crayons out 😂. This time we needed an update of the labels for their delicious Raspberry Vinegar (I have tested it 😋). The existing one was starting to feel a little dark and drab.

I love working with the Yarty labels, because they all have a lovely foiling running through the designs. It’s shown here in orange but when printed it will be a beautiful copper metallic. The main brief was ‘more colour’ and to include a red admiral butterfly (every label has a little creature). Using the existing etching of the urn, I drew the raspberry canes and coloured them in Adobe Fesco. The illustration was then transferred to Adobe Illustrator for laying out the print ready files.

Hopefully the finished design has a touch more pop. The greenery certainly helps and it was nice to be able to open up the wings on the butterfly. I’m excited to see how they turn out from the printers and how they look when placed on the bottles!

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