New Space and an Old Vista

The builders have now packed up and moved on, leaving us with a deathly quiet and some wonderful new family space 🙂. We finally have a kitchen where we can host… or even just a clean and calm space to escape for a coffee. My studio is always so chock-full of canvases and boxes of stationery deliveries. It can be hard to find a little head space during the day. But now we have a breakfast bar to pause at. I might even be able to take a lunch break away from my desk!

Of course some freshly painted new walls are just begging to have something hung on them! So we need to get on with picking some pieces to go up. We’ve never really wanted TOO many of my own artworks in the house, otherwise everything ends up looking like a gallery!

But I did make temporary use of the long wall at the heart of the new extension. Putting up my ‘City of Winchester‘ canvas. It’s such a generous space and shows off its Autumnal colours and architectural details. It wont be its permanent home as eventually I’d still like to find the right buyer or even a local public building to house it.

Although I will try not to monopolise it… it will be good to have a couple of feature spots to show of specific pieces during open studios and when exploring canvas commissions with clients.

It was a shame to miss this year’s Hampshire Open Studio event (We WILL be back in some form next year). At least now we can accept visitors again and i’m thinking about holding a brief Winter Open Studio in late November. If you’d like to stop by and discuss a project or browse the art; do get in touch!

Where would you send an artist to be inspired? What location should I paint next? leave me a suggestion or comment here!

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