What’s my name again?

Well i’m FINALLY back in the studio today after a prolonged absence. Despite much planning and naive hope of remaining at our home through most of our building work; we ended up moving out of Couch Green for about 7 weeks! Due to some very kind (not to mention generous, wonderful and just downright awesome) family and friends we managed to hop between homes… leaving the builders time and space to complete the messy demolition and structural work. Now we’re back in. There’s definitely still jobs left to do but all the final jigsaw pieces are falling into place. We’re even getting on with the inside decorating (all those hours priming canvases appears to be good training for white-washing walls!).

It’s obviously meant a great deal of disruption to my work time. Stepping into the studio today, there was certainly a weird feeling “Oh… this is what I do!” 😬. I can only apologise to all my lovely customers who have had to be so patient through the Summer. I suspect those clients that know me best have been purposefully leaving me alone through the worst of it! (Thank you!) The kids are back at school next week so who knows? I may even have time to pick up those more creative brushes and drawing pens once again 🙃.

Where would you send an artist to be inspired? What location should I paint next? leave me a suggestion or comment here!

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