Glastonbury Colouring Page

I hope everyone who made it along to the festival had a wonderful time! Another year has gone by where i’m making the most of the BBC coverage and celebrating my own little Glastonbury here in the studio… Highlights were definitely Elton and Queens of the Stone Age! 🤘 Both sets looked incredible and must have been quite the experience live. It’s still good fun to enjoy from distance and i’m grateful to all those customers who pick up my cards to send before and after the event. I’ve been posting out this Glastonbury colouring page (I print them on the back of my packing notes 😆) as a little nod to the festival atmosphere!

Glastonbury Colouring Page - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman

This Glastonbury Colouring page was created using my line work and compositional drawings for my feature painting ‘Glastonbury Headliner’. Share it with the kids or give it a try yourself! You can follow along with my travel inspired illustrations and see where the wind takes me… here on the studio blogfacebooktwitter or instagram.

Let me know what you think or leave me a suggestion for a place to paint next!

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