Yarty Recipe Booklet

This was an eagerly anticipated print delivery, something for the chefs and cocktail makers in the room! I designed and provided the illustrations on a new 22 page booklet filed with recipes inspired by Yarty’s flavours. Their fruit vinegars are incredibly versatile; perfect for cooking and for mixing with the drinks cabinet (Drinking vinegars or shrubs are a true classic cocktail ingredient). The A6 Yarty Recipe booklet is to be sent out to customers with online orders and expands upon the recipe cards we designed previously.

The illustration ‘style’ is kept relatively simple in terms of it’s layers and textures. It’s mostly hand drawn lines (as if lifted from a sketchbook of field notes) with patches of solid colour to bring key ingredients to life on the page. I hope they are decorative and provide some context for the recipes. All the drawings were made in Adobe Fresco with an Apple Pencil; making them incredibly easy to drop into an InDesign document. You can see a little page turning video below…

We added a little history with Grandmother Mabel’s photograph and some of the Yarty backstory. Jayne, one of the company directors supplied me with a treasure trove of hand-written recipes and cooking notes. I even contributed a few cocktail recipes myself! (having worked a few cocktail bars in my time, it’s still something I love being involved with 😀). We ended up with at least one food and one drinks recipe for each vinegar line. Here’s a few shots of inside spreads, including a couple of my favourites items like the vintage soda siphon; a joy and a challenge to draw.

It’s always exciting to hold physical examples of the work you’ve done but this booklet is particularly satisfying to flick through. Recipe book was certainly on the illustrator project wish-list! It would be a dream to work on a larger book some day as I really loved working on this shorter format. Huge thank you to Jayne and David for trusting me again with their branding.

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