Easton Flower Festival

Well this was a glorious way to kick off the Summer season! I was delighted to show my paintings alongside local artists at the Easton Flower Festival last weekend. Kirstin White, Emma Lowres, Jules Hoffman and Jean Wheeler put on a wonderful display of their artwork; and the big barn was perfect for showing off some of my larger canvases! a great opportunity to properly stand back and look at all our pieces from across the room (which I can’t always manage to do in the studio). The show lasted three days but I particularly enjoyed my tour around the village gardens with the kids on the Saturday. They spent most of the time dashing from garden to garden looking for ponds (and the fun slimy creatures that might live in them 🙃). Nicky and I tried hard not to feel jealous of the amazing wildflower planting and overflowing roses… still, we are pretty much there with our own back yard. Just a little tidying to be done before Open Studios in August!

Here’s a list of my exhibited artworks…

Thank you to all the visitors who stopped by a said lovely things. A HUGE thank you to Joanna for curating and organising the exhibition, Jude and Theo for the extremely kind use of their barn; and everyone who manned the space throughout the weekend. I feel very grateful for the chance to properly share my artwork again!

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