Heat Press 🔥 New Studio Tricks!

Some exciting machinery arrived in the studio last week, two professional heat press units that will allow me to really expand my range of gifts. I’ve invested in a mug press and a small flat press. Despite being “small” these presses are still sturdy bits of equipment. I’ll need to find homes for them so they don’t get in the way of the main painting work!

But it’s thrilling to learn some new physical skills and even more thrilling that I’ll be able to see many more of my illustrations tested out on these ceramics. It has been a hard balance over the years, deciding which bulk stock to buy in and trying to predict which designs will sell. It’s only when a design sells that I can reinvest in different designs… so each choice can have a big knock on effect for the months after it. Now, I can spend my investment money on the blanks (Mugs, Christmas decorations etc) and use them to try out LOTS of different artwork.

It also speeds things up! With a heat press of my own I can make designs on demand, easily fulfilling customer orders within the same week (This is going to be vital come the busy Christmas rush!). Then there’s the wholesale side; where I can offer a greater range of small batch, handmade, gifts to retailers. I’m excited for the possibilities! Check out the ceramics page on my shop for the ones that I’ve already done… i’ll be listing many of them on Etsy too, with many more on the way!