Yarty Home Deliveries

I received a lovely call from a prospective client earlier this year, a company based down on the South Coast, looking for a local illustrator who might be interested in working with them. The thing that stood out from that phone call was just how friendly and hands on the directors were (I believe David was up a ladder fixing something while Jayne was on the call!). They initially set me to work on some stationery bits for their Yarty home deliveries; an area of business that had taken off for them during the pandemic. Yarty make artisan vinegars and cordials (which are delicious… i’ve tried them) and already have a strong branding with their product labels. They sell to the premium end of the market and you might see their products sold at prestige farm shops and used in professional kitchens. The requested style was hand drawn, but in keeping with the smart labelling and higher end client base. I created two illustrations of Yarty home deliveries featuring Val, their real life vintage van. One scenario delivered to a hotel, the second to a farm shop. The colour palette was pulled from reference photos of the vehicle and kept relatively simple… with some hints of hatching and light texturing in the shadows. Every element was created digitally with my iPad pro, so the assets were easy to gather together. I set everything up as print ready files, adding the required text for their thank you cards. Here’s a couple of the printed cards ready to go out with the next deliveries Having enjoyed illustrating Val, I then couldn’t resist adding a little motion to the scene! A big thank you to Jayne and David who brought me on board for these! For an initial project, the process always felt relaxed and they gave me plenty of space to bring my creativity. I’m excited to say that we’ll be working on some more bits in the months ahead… watch this space! If you’d like to discuss a project i’m always available for commercial work – get in touch.

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