St Catherines Hill From Hockley Viaduct

Here’s a new feature canvas, an original artwork of St Catherines Hill viewed from the South of Winchester. ‘St Catherines Hill From Hockley Viaduct’ captures the beautiful landscape around the River Itchen and the old railway line (which is now a pedestrian and cycle route). I recorded a time-lapse of the piece, and put together a little video to try and show the finished details.

Below is where I started with the composition sketch, trying to adjust the river bends and the viaduct arches to lead the eye up towards the hill at the centre. There was also the challenge of masking the motorway that cuts (infamously) through the landscape on the right. It’s still there, but a little more disguised behind leafy treetops! It was lovely to have the Spring sunshine coming through the studio windows, while absorbing myself into the lush greenery of this scene! It’s not often that I tackle a composition with so few straight lines or architectural details to build around. I enjoyed challenging myself to see how it would turn out. This ‘St Catherines Hill From Hockley Viaduct’ painting was created with acrylic and ink on 84 x 60cm canvas. It’s presented in a 88.5 x 63.5cm white floater frame. A great size and looks at home above a mantlepiece. If you’d like to snap this one up, i’ll be listing it shortly on the shop. No doubt i’ll also be creating art prints and postcards too. It will be on display in the studio and i’ll be looking to add to it in the months ahead as we hopefully build towards the Summer with the Hampshire Open Studio event.

Let me know what you think or leave me a suggestion for a place to paint next!

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