Wilton Arms, Belgravia

It’s been quite a while since I enjoyed a good pint down the pub. If I’m honest it had become quite a rare event anyway (well before we were ordered to stay at home due to a global pandemic!). But I still enjoy the notion of an inviting public house. They are undoubtably special institutions here in the UK, that I think we have always taken for granted. Pretty much always open, cosy and warm on a biting Winter’s day… or dark and cooling in the height of the Summer, while often providing a garden space to sit and enjoy the best of the Sun at any time of year. This commissioned artwork of the Wilton Arms was a perfect example of that inviting city haven. I was asked to capture this Kinnerton Street watering hole, sadly closed in 2019 before COVID hit, with my acrylic and inks. Located in Belgravia; the pub was owned by the country’s oldest brewer. It had a long history providing a welcoming space in the centre of London. We looked at two different angles for the composition, one leading down the road and another more face-on. In the end we went with the sketch of the straight-on view… which showcases more of the detail on the grade II listed facade. It’s a lovely still piece, which I hope gives that feeling of calm at the heart of the bustling city. It was finished in December and delivered in time for the Christmas break. I want to extend a big thank you to Iain for commissioning this lovely pub painting.

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