Christmas Tree Ornaments

I’m delighted to share these new festive items with you, ceramic Christmas Tree Ornaments! I have ten designs now available in my online shop and over on Etsy. In my little black sketchbook of ideas and designs… Christmas tree decorations have appeared a number of times. I’ve had a few attempts too. Starting with papier-mâché and clay shapes; hand-painting tiny Winter scenes. Then I moved onto plain shop bought baubles, adding my own acrylic paint and ink drawings over the surface. Both were extremely time consuming but rather satisfying! Although they were great fun to make myself, it has never been practical to try and sell them. I’m delighted that this year I’ve been able to find a manufacturer, allowing me to make them available in my online shop for the first time. I think a lot of made-to-order services give poorer results with cheaper materials. But I’ve been really pleased with the quality from Contrado, who are based in London. I ordered a couple of trial designs to see how my illustrations reproduced onto the ceramic discs and I think they worked brilliantly! They come with a ribbon ready for hanging and soft fabric pouch for safe keeping. All in all, a great little gift. Although I quite like them with illustrations on both sides for a full hit of colour… there is also the possibility to add a name to the back. Perhaps a good option for celebrating a first Christmas or other significant year. Personalisation options are available over on my Etsy shop.

I do love these, I hope you will do too. There’s ten so far, but it’s certain I’ll be adding more designs in the future! If you have any suggestions, I’d always love to hear them. Drop me a line using the contact form or say hello online with facebooktwitter or instagram.

Where would you send an artist to be inspired? What location should I paint next? leave me a suggestion or comment here!

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