Primrose Hill in Autumn

A fresh commission to share today ‘Primrose Hill in Autumn’, a new artwork but a familiar viewpoint from the beautiful lookout on Primrose Hill. The scene is filled with exaggerated autumnal shades, creating a patchwork of colours below the ever changing London skyline. The vista stretches from the corner of Camden Town (with St Pancras and docklands in the distance) over to the London Eye. I’ve particularly enjoyed painting the city from this distance. Those small shapes of skyscrapers are very distinctive, but the scale is too small to get bogged down in too much detail. The shapes remain quick and abstract; a fun impressionistic view of London!

Below is the original artwork that caught the client’s eye, my rustic (almost a little rusty in it’s colours!) study looking over the park towards the BT tower. Although this composition wouldn’t feature some of the more famous additions to the horizon… you can still see the fascinating changes and new glass buildings popping up all across London.

View From Primrose Hill by Jonathan Chapman
A huge thank you to Sarah and her family for spotting the original and for commissioning this new ‘Primrose Hill in Autumn’ scene.

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