I’ve been busy sorting out my archive/back catalogue this week. Weird to think i’ve been creating art for long enough now to need one! Thought it would also make a nice exercise to time travel a little in the weeks ahead with some #ThrowbackThursday images across social media. So watch out for some nostalgic trips down memory lane from me! It was hard to know quite how early to start, seeing as i’ve been creating things for as long as I can actually remember. But assuming if you are reading this you don’t want to see my toddler scribbles and art prizes… so i’ve started back in 2006; my BA graduation year. I chose a piece that holds many special memories; especially for all the travelling I was able to do at that time. But this canvas was also my first exhibition sale! ‘Safe in Your Sleep’ was a key part of my final show at Newcastle University. I will always remember the advice and exhibition craft from the tutors (although appallingly I cannot remember many of their names, but all great artists in their own right). Some of the most useful stuff i’ve ever been told. The main one being about not crowding and allowing space for each artwork to be considered on its own merits.

The collection of paintings was based on several trips to New England during the holidays, specifically walking around Boston and it’s leafy suburbs. It was the starting point for my fascination with wandering and painting from ‘places’. Everywhere was quiet with all the commuters off to work in the city. It reminded me irresistibly of Edward Hopper’s very still paintings and his work remains one of my biggest influences.

I’ll be sharing work every #ThrowbackThursday, watch out across my accounts facebooktwitter or instagram.