Royal Albert Hall Colouring Page

Will you be tuning in to the last night of the proms this evening? As with all the other big crowd events, everyone who enjoys the last night celebration (along with the rest of the wonderful prom season) will have to tune in remotely. I recently completed my illustrated version of the Royal Albert Hall, and thought it might be a nice thing to have my sketch stage available as a colouring page. Just in case you fancy listening in to the live music and doodling away with your colouring pencils!

Here’s the A4 Royal Albert Hall colouring page as a .jpg, or you can download the .pdf file to keep for another day. I’ve been enjoying a lot more classical music in the studio of late, along with plenty of audiobooks. I think it’s an attempt at a little mindfulness. It’s going to be nice and busy in the weeks ahead… but hopefully I’ll be able to share a few more of these activity sheets for kids and adults alike.

Do you have a suggestion for a colouring page? Is there an illustration of mine you’d like to have a go at! Drop me a line and I’ll see if I have a good enough sketch I can share. You can also find me over on facebooktwitter and instagram. And if you complete the Royal Albert Hall colouring page I’d love to see how you got on!