Bamburgh Commission

Is there anything nicer than the contrast between a deep red and a lush green landscape in a scene? Perhaps it’s my British conditioning, but the traditional scarlet of a telephone kiosk or post box* always makes me happy. I finished this Bamburgh scene recently on commission and it has the perfect combination of colours. The phone box sits next to a lovely ornate street lamp as you look back towards the castle.

* I’ve been discovering of late, the history of the post box which has not always been that deep red colour!

Work in progress on the Bamburgh painting - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman
My Bamburgh painting was completed with my usual combination of acrylic and ink details, on a specialist acrylic paper (which holds the paint beautifully without warping the surface). The artwork is 39 x 29 cm and the mounted within a 60 x 50 cm aluminium frame.

The Bamburgh scene was a gift and the location had special memories attached to it. There was added interest for me as Bamburgh holds personal recollections for me as well. It is one of the wonderful places I was able to visit during my time living in Newcastle. Indeed the Northumberland coast, where Bamburgh Castle and the town sits, is one of the most beautiful stretches in the United Kingdom. It’s fortifications are right by the sea, so the walk along the beach here is spectacular. Definitely worth a visit for the skies alone, where the North Sea winds blow the clouds around into magnificent shapes. Below that earthy tones of the buildings and the lovely peach colour of the castle will always make for a great painting study.

Original painting of Bamburgh - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman
A huge thank you to Joan, Peter, Karen and Eric for commissioning this scene. Interested in a painting like this Bamburgh commission? drop me a line or have a little browse at my private commission guide.