Phoenix Cinema Commission

It’s quite a rare occurrence for me to revisit a scene, I could probably count the times on a single hand. Thinking back, there’s perhaps one New England scene I was asked to recreate… then there’s the local heroes King Alfred and Winchester Cathedral. Finally you’d have to add in the Tyne Bridge and it’s myriad angles! (a scene very much tied in to my evolution as an artist at Newcastle). So this Phoenix Cinema commission is a special one and I was very happy to take it on… it follows on from the initial cinema studies that I started with a couple of months ago.

The Phoenix Cinema Commission - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman
Although there isn’t much to change from the first original painting, the details of vertical neon sign and the angle on the building does help to provide some subtle difference. The commissioner requested all the other details to be the same but I do like the idea of being able to select your own film titles for the light box above the door! I wonder which movies you’d choose for your dream billing? A huge thank you to Isadora for commissioning this scene and I hope they make it back to the Phoenix for a screening soon!

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