More Movie Nights

Here’s the latest in what I hope will be a ongoing series of ‘night time’ illustrations, little architectural studies of cinemas. I think each building has it’s own wonderful character… I’ve already had some great suggestions for venues to add to the collection! But keep them coming and i’ll see how many I can turn my hand to.

The Rio

Rio Cinema London - Illustration by Jonathan-2
The Rio Cinema is a Grade II listed independent Art Deco cinema in east London. It is a popular independent cinema located on Kingsland High Street in Dalston, with a history stretching back over 100 years.

The lighting across the building at night is perfect for exaggerated colours. I decided to go for this electric blue with my usual acrylic and ink painting ‘The Rio Cinema London’ on cut paper, finished within a 25 x 25 cm black boxed frame.

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The Plaza

The Plaza Cinema Truro - Illustration by Jonathan
The Cinema on Truro’s Lemon Street opened in 1938 and was the premier venue for film-goers at the time. It has changed hands many times and is now owned by WTW Cinemas who extensively refurbished it in 1998.

Here’s my original acrylic and ink painting ‘The Plaza Cinema Truro’ on cut paper, finished within a 25 x 25 cm black boxed frame. Although it doesn’t have much height, I love the glow from under the central awning and the red accents around the name and the doors. Had to sneak in the Jaws reference too for any Wittertainment fans (…it’s not about a Shark).

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The ArtHouse

This two-screen independent venue in a former Salvation Army Hall opened its doors in spring 2014 and quickly became a favourite with locals from Crouch End and the surrounding area. The ArtHouse prides itself on being not just a cinema but also a venue offering music, comedy and theatre. Its programme leans towards independent and foreign movies.

Here’s my acrylic and ink version of ‘The ArtHouse Cinema London’ on cut paper, finished within a 25 x 25 cm black boxed frame. I decided to add some through layers on this one… as I particularly liked the picture frames/gallery wall viewed through the upper window.

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The Lexi

One of London’s friendliest cinemas, the Lexi is run mostly by enthusiastic local volunteers, with every penny of profits going to charity. They screen a full programme of recent blockbusters, foreign films, Q&As and classic-movie seasons.

An unassuming little building but I love it for the electric pink and it’s distinctive lettering on the facade. Here’s my acrylic and ink painting of ‘The Lexi Cinema London’ on cut paper, finished within a 25 x 25 cm black boxed frame.

You can find membership details for the Lexi here: Follow the #paperdiorama or #cinemas tag on the blog for more illustrations like these. I’d love to hear more of your suggestions too. Drop me a line using the contact form or say hello online with facebooktwitter or instagram.

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Where would you send an artist to be inspired? What location should I paint next? leave me a suggestion or comment here!

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