Artist Support Pledge

With almost all of the exhibitions, open studios and other selling events cancelled this year i’ve decided to take part in the artist support pledge online tag (#artistsupportpledge). It started over on Instagram and I think it’s lovely concept to help support fellow artists during and after lockdown. If you haven’t seen the details of this campaign, the idea is to offer work for sale up to £200 and if/when you reach £1000 in sales the artist pledges to buy for £200 from another artist taking part.
I already had a few smaller pieces which were ideal for this. Plus I hadn’t managed to list them in the online shop yet. But it also felt like a great excuse to add some more little studies and work on some variation in between the big commissioned projects. Hopefully it’s a nice selection of my different approaches too, including a few of my recent ‘papercut’ paintings. Here’s a few examples of posts from the last couple weeks… You can keep an eye out for more paintings being added to artist support pledge collection in the weeks ahead: Temples & Pagodas inspired by Japan, Cinema buildings and some countryside canvases. The hashtag is predominantly over on instagram, but i’ll also post updates whenever I can on my facebook page and twitter feed.
artist support pledge

Where would you send an artist to be inspired? What location should I paint next? leave me a suggestion or comment here!

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