St Augustine Commission

So the larger commission went ahead and i’m really chuffed with how it turned out despite a few reservations along the way! It’s always a rush discovering somewhere new. But just like the Jerusalem commission from last year, it’s also a challenge to attempt a scene with architecture and scenery that feel very different from previous work. It’s a bit scary and you can really doubt your ability to pull it off. Especially if you’re set in a particular style. I’m not sure if I managed to escape my usual colours in this picture but I do think it’s a striking painting. And in the end it was a joy to work on those distinctive rooftop shapes.
St Augustine Florida - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman
As with many of the larger commissions, this is a constructed view. It pulls together a number of different references looking across Matanzas Bay at the ‘Old City’. The dome of the Memorial Presbyterian Church features, along with the recognisable Cathedral Basilica and the towers of Flagler College. The Bridge of Lions has been brought into the right of the picture and condensed a little.
This St Augustine commission is approximately 70 x 40cm. The final artwork was created with acrylic and ink on paper. It was then framed in a custom 91 x 61cm frame which was boxed a little to create some depth when presented on the wall. It was a good hit of colour above our mantlepiece when I was taking final photos so I hope it looks the part in it’s new home! A huge thank you to Daryl and Mark for commissioning this scene.

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