In the Night Studio

I’m sending my best wishes to you all as we enter into lockdown here in the UK. I hope you and your family are safe and well. We self-isolated just before the schools closed, due to our eldest coming down with a temperature, but now that we’ve been through the quarantine period we’ll be forced to continue having both kids at home with the schools and nurseries closed.
Fortunately I have my studio here at the top of the garden so in many ways I already practice remote working! Although my time will be cut drastically while I look after the little ones during the day… I still expect to carry on my project work in the evenings and will continue to fulfil orders on my studio shop and Etsy store.
It’s obviously an uncertain time ahead. Hopefully we’ll get an announcement on the self-employed situation soon which might help. But with the calendar decimated it’s going to be difficult to keep things going without the usual opportunities provided by open studios, exhibitions and other selling events.

Any tentative enquiries on commissions are always welcome. Drop me a line using the contact form or say hello online with facebooktwitter or instagram. I’ll continue to post work online where I can… hopefully a few colourful pictures in your timeline will help brighten things up in the weeks ahead.

Stay safe everyone.

Let me know what you think or leave me a suggestion for a place to paint next!

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