Barnsley Town Hall

In the Summer/Autumn of last year I sent a number of my Grand Canal, Venice greeting cards up to the Cooper Gallery in Barnsley. The gallery shop stocked them alongside their Venice exhibition. Since then i’ve sent a number of other designs up for them to try out in the gift shop. Although the general art cards seem to prove popular i’m always keen to try and create something with a local interest. I even had two road trips planned and cancelled with Barnsley on the itinerary. The first due to the storms last November and most recently with increased travel restrictions. So in desperate measures you to make do with online research and trust to instinct. At least this first Barnsley Town Hall piece is a reasonably grand way to start.
Barnsley Town Hall on the easel - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman

In the Classical style

The Town Hall is a lovely grade II listed building designed by Sir Arnold Thornely. It was opened in 1933. The war memorial sculpted by John Tweed predates the town hall, was unveiled on 11 October 1925. I’ve given it some extra expression in the skies above and let loose with the splodges (technical term) of blossom in the formal gardens in front. I do quite enjoy the challenge of facing a building head on… trying to take in the full expanse of the architecture.
Barnsley Town Hall - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman

Suggestions & scenes you’d like to see…

What do you think of my Barnsley Town Hall? I’d love any suggestions you might have for subject matter in this part of the world. I’ll be desperate to re-instate my travelling and go searching for inspiration first hand. But in the meantime i’ll be making a list of cultural sites, architectural gems and interesting little nooks… mapping out some visits for when the time finally comes to properly add Barnsley to my #PaintedCities.

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