New Puzzles! Special Edition Additions!

I’ve always enjoyed a good puzzle! especially one that has been created from handmade artwork like an illustration or painting. It’s a lovely thing delving into the details of the picture. Each piece focusing in on the line work or the brush strokes and I find myself taken in by the subtle differences in colour across the image. Probably just me. But my strange fascination with minute details aside, it’s incredibly exciting to see my own artwork presented on these new puzzles!
1000 piece jigsaw puzzle - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman
These examples have been made with Ravensburger, they are fantastic quality and beautifully cut. I made a sample last year to see how it would come out (using my Liberty London illustration) and it was wonderful. The shapes have plenty of variation, the cardboard is pretty robust and the shapes don’t feel repetitive. I now have a limited number of these boxes available to buy with different artwork. The finished puzzles are 70 x 50 cm, presented in a 37 x 27 cm box with the painting on the front. It would be great to eventually start working alongside a manufacturer to make these on a larger (and more economical) scale. But until then i’ll continue to order in a few examples when offers are available. Feel free to message if you’d like to request a design from my artwork collection or if you’d like to register interest in a current design that’s out of stock.

Let me know what you think or leave me a suggestion for a place to paint next!

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