Florence Triptych (Commission)

Robert and Clare came along to the open studio in the Summer and talked to me about a possible commission. We discussed a few options but settled on this lovely Florence triptych which I can now share with you. These 20 x 20 cm chunky canvases are excellent for showing off different scenes within a theme. They are particularly good, as demonstrated here, in showcasing different atmospheres at the same location. We looked at a collection of images (In this case the clients provided all the reference photos) and narrowed it down to these three. It’s a nice transition from daylight at the Palazzo Vecchio moving through to night in front of the Ponte Vecchio. All three are painted with acrylic and drawn over the top with ink details.
It’s pretty flexible for hanging too, as they don’t take up too much wall space. They can be hung vertically, horizontally and displayed in any order. Although my favourite was always going to be the rooftop scene! the source image was full of colour and at first glance could be either sunrise or sunset. The orange Duomo set against a changing sky is always going to be fun to paint!

So a big thank you to Robert and Clare for sharing their travel memories and for asking me to capture them on canvas!

Interested in capturing a treasured memory like this Florence triptych? drop me a line or have a little browse at my private commission guide.