Port Isaac Study

There’s been a few wintery scenes on the blog this month, which is fairly standard in the run up to Christmas. But I wanted to switch things up in the final week or so… with a couple of colourful paintings to queue me up for projects starting after the new year. First up is a little Port Isaac study. Created with acrylic and ink on 20 x 20 cm canvas. This is a very popular spot on the Cornish coast and the kids absolutely loved playing here during the Summer. I’ve painted the scene with the boats bobbing up and down behind the sea wall, but once the tide moves out the whole bay can be explored. This one will be given as a gift, hopefully capturing some of the charm of the place, but I also have a larger canvas ready to go for a more detailed piece… then i’ll be able to really get into the detail of the old buildings around the quay.

Follow the #Cornwall tag here on the studio blog for any updates, it’s an area I get asked for quite a bit and i’m always keen to do more. I’d love to hear more of your suggestions too. Drop me a line using the contact form or say hello online with facebooktwitter or instagram.

Where would you send an artist to be inspired? What location should I paint next? leave me a suggestion or comment here!

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