Winter Open Studio

A huge thank you goes out to everyone who came by the open studios this Summer. I had some fantastic chats with guests and picked up many insights on Winchester as well as locations further afield. The Hampshire event is always fun to do and it’s been wonderful to be part of the bigger creative picture around the county.

One of the questions that did pop up frequently was about other opening times in the studio… i’m always happy to have guests by appointment but I think this year we’re also going to try and get organised ahead of the festive season (he writes hopefully). So on the 16th and 17th of November we’ll be formally opening the studio again for a Winter Open Studio event. Christmas cards and other important holiday items will be available well before that on the studio shop for those organised souls, but if you’d like to come along and browse… perhaps pick up some wrapping paper or arrange for a framed print as a gift we hope this will be a good opportunity!

I’m going to keep the facebook and twitter feeds up to date with new designs as they roll in from the printers. And we’ll publish some times and further details for the winter open studio event very soon.
Winter Open Studio 2019 - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman