# Pub Paintings – The Crown & Two Chairmen

Pub Paintings, the Crown and Two Chairmen on mini canvas by artist and Illustrator Jonathan
I’ve had a tradition of creating smaller canvases alongside my bigger feature work. I like the way these mini pieces can focus in on one building and provide some detailed little narratives. These stories are usually inspired by actual experiences or from places shared by other people… despite their reported decline over recent years it’s often pubs that provide that personal meeting place, they’re locations etched into our memories and sometimes backdrops to our most important sliding door moments.

So i’m making a particular effort this year to create more of these ‘Pub Paintings’ collecting them together into their own series. I’ll try and tag them with #pubpaintings on social media if you’d like to follow along… and i’d love to get your suggestions for your favourite pub or a location that has a unique character you think i’d be able to capture in paint.

Here’s a new one… a 20 x 20 cm canvas study of the Crown & Two Chairmen in Soho, London. This long established Soho watering hole dates back to 1736 and was previously known simply as The Crown. You’ll find this bohemian favourite on the corner of Bateman St and Dean St.

Big thank you to @richardmcfaul84 for his pub paintings suggestion! Cheers to you sir! 🍻 if you’d like to follow on instagram you’ll find me here.