Bluebell Woods Illustration

Painting of Bluebell Woods created by Illustrator Jonathan Chapman
Here’s that bluebell woods illustration i’ve been hoping to make. A painted colour study to hopefully brighten up your Friday Afternoon! Simply titled, ‘The Bluebell Woods’ created with acrylic and ink on paper, 29 x 29 cm.

Inspired by the ancient woodlands on our doorstep (we were out as a family hunting down the best spots in Micheldever Woods just the other weekend). The delicate purple blooms are still out in the woods and there are even a few left in our garden borders. Every year they bring a hit of colour, heralding the true arrival Spring and making me feel optimistic for the more vibrant Summer months to come.

There are no buildings in this bluebell woods illustration , so it’s a rare piece of mine! but sometimes it’s nice allow the brushwork to take over. It’s a bit more expressive and messy. What do you think?