Mountainside Commission

I have a nice peaceful mountainside commission to share with you. I liked the reasonably straightforward composition on this one… it has a lovely stillness to it with a big open blue sky.
Mountainside Commission - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman
There’s plenty of interesting colour tones surrounding the building though with silvers and browns at the front of the evergreen treeline. Most of the background is left soft and painterly, with architectural details inked in with fine-liner. The painting was created on paper from references provided by the client. The photos had a few surrounding buildings in a similar Alpi a and the usual array of parked cars, but those were easily removed to provide a more focused composition. The final painting was then given as a work leaving present. The painting was mounted and presented within a natural light colour wooden frame ready for hanging on the wall. It’s a good size frame too, 60 x 50 cm which allows for a nice wide mount… a big open feel that I hope works nicely for a snowy mountainside commission. Are you interested in commissioning a painting? I work on projects of all sizes, you can always contact me at the studio to start discussing your idea.

Let me know what you think or leave me a suggestion for a place to paint next!

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