Monday Inspiration: London Wandering

Sometimes I think there is nothing better than arriving on a train and wandering from the station out into the city. I particularly enjoy it when there’s no where I need to be, so that your feet can get carried away and discover something new. We spent 24 hrs recently wandering in London and it was one of those very rare occasions where the kids were being looked after at home. That left hands free to carry my big DSLR camera. We walked off the train at Waterloo at found ourselves casually meandering across the river and up towards Covent Garden and Soho. Here’s a collection of photos from the cityscape, there’s so many wonderful buildings. It was lovely to have that time to play with the camera and i’m planning some trips out to other locations in the months ahead. I’m sure a few of these will end up as painted studies for my ‘Painted Cities’ series.