Monday Inspiration: The Bluebell Woods

It’s become an annual inspirational pilgrimage to visit the electric colour of the bluebell woods and this weekend we managed to make it along with the kids. It’s just a couple of miles up the road to Micheldever Woods, one of the best places to witness the wonderful blue carpet that appears every Spring. We bundled child one and two into the car arriving as early as possible for the small car park at the entrance to the woods. From there you can wander as far as you fancy, with some of the best areas hidden away along winding informal paths. Although the kids didn’t want to go too far, we did manage to find a perfect spot for a few family portraits.
Monday Inspiration Bluebell Woods - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman
Both of them were fascinated by the tripod and camera (cue squabbles over who gets to turn the handle, press the shutter button etc). But our daughter is particularly keen on taking photos and often manages to snap the best impromptu shots! It’s always an inspiration to see these Spring colours and spend a morning surrounded by nature. Although I haven’t created many pure landscape paintings i’m determined to try my hand at a bluebell woods illustration… lets see if can find find some spare studio time in the weeks ahead.