Christmas Wrapping Paper Design

Christmas Wrapping Paper
The idea for this Christmas wrapping pattern has been swimming around in my head for a couple of years now! and every year time creeps away from me and the Christmas rush swallows up any spare moments in the studio.

But this year I have been determined! taking the small scenes concept and creating these cosy festive vignettes. The result is quite colourful, and perhaps a little warmer in tone than you might expect from Winter illustrations. There’s plenty of traditional images… a Father Christmas of course, opening presents by the fire, carollers and a mistletoe sprig.

Here’s some photos of the wrap… printed on the same thick heavy paper we’ve used on the previous gift wrap designs. It’s nice to fold and ideal for those trickier objects. I’ve already started using the wrapping on any shop items marked as gifts and will continue to do so throughout December. If you’d like to pick up some sheets of wrap for your own use, they’re now available to buy in folded packs (A1 sheets folded to A3) from my online shop and my Etsy shop.

Shop: Christmas Wrapping Paper (Single sheets & packs of 3)
Etsy: Christmas Colours – Gift Wrap/Wrapping Paper (Single sheets & packs of 3)