The Long Barn, Alresford

The Long Barn Alresford - Illustration by Jonathan ChapmanI am absolutely delighted that my stationery will be available to buy at The Long Barn in Alresford this year. They have very kindly taken on my cards and wrapping paper featuring my painted Winchester scenes. I’m also hoping to develop some more specific Alresford designs for them. It’s a fantastic environment and they do a wonderful job of showcasing my work. Highly recommended as a great place to go present shopping!

The Long Barn Alresford - Illustration by Jonathan ChapmanClose to the historic cathedral city of Winchester the Barn is situated on a site founded in the Middle Ages for penning herds of sheep. Where once as many as 16,000 sheep huddled they now grow lavender. Last summer saw the original barn extended to create a beautiful home, garden store and café.

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