Zurich Rooftops

Zurich Rooftops - Original acrylic and ink painting on canvas - Illustration by Jonathan Chapman

A new canvas to share with you today titled: ‘Zurich Rooftops’. It’s a personal project, and i’ve been working on finding the right composition of Zurich for a little while now… so this is the result of a few different sketches, collaging some of my favourite Zurich rooftops into a believable scene. It’s my usual acrylic and ink style on 70 x 50cm canvas and presented in a white 74 x 54cm floater frame. Included in the view are the spires of the Grossmünster, Fraumünster and Peterskirche with the painting fading out over lake Zurich. The biggest and most obvious element of ‘collage’ is the addition of the Swiss National Museum in the foreground. I’ve painted a lot of Swiss scenes with colder wintery colours, so I particularly enjoyed working with these earthier tones.

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