A Stormy Zurich

Stormy Zurich

In between setting up for the showcase at the Park House Hotel and a rather hectic travel schedule, we managed to grab an afternoon to walk the streets of Zurich. In between all of the project work it feels important to find time to explore and seek some inspiration. It was wonderful to have some creative company in the form of Jez Long (Mr SpookyJelly himself). And he did a great job of capturing the moody atmosphere around the city as the storm clouds closed in.

Stormy Zurich Skyline

We did manage a quick trip up the Grossmünster too, where we snatched a 60 second glimpse of the impressive Zurich skyline before the heavens opened!

You can see a selection of my favourite Swiss shots on my Flickr page including a few more from this journey. They are pulled together from all of the different research trips we’ve made to Switzerland over the last few years.


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