My Top 10 Creative Influences

My Top 10 Creative Influences

Here’s a list of my top 10 creative influences, artists that have inspired and shaped my own work. Some of these I have always been aware of, some of them were spotted by very observant friends and colleagues. Once pointed out, it’s usually quite obvious those styles and approaches have rubbed off on me along the way!

10. Comic books, Annuals & Cartoons

I would always pick up a comic or Beano annual and become engrossed in the pages and pages of colourful pictures. It was always the images that fascinated me rather than reading the story. The comic book art of describing places and gestures in just a few pen strokes was immersive and exciting. They packed so much action into every page and I could see how it was possible to create detailed scenes with only a single colour and a variation in tone.


This was also a golden time for children’s screen cartoons, with endless re-runs of Looney Toons and Tom & Jerry as well as a glut of 80’s hand drawn classics such as Dangermouse, Around the World with Willy Fog and Sharky & George (to name just a few!). The colour and line of these animations undoubtably left a lasting impression.

9. Roy Lichtenstein

I’m sure that everyone has a pop-art phase! there’s something beautiful in it’s simplicity and speed. I think there is a particular fascination as a teenager, as you’re struggling to improve your creative technique, to turn to the simple bold colours of the comic strip. As with the original pop-artists you can achieve quick artworks with impact. But the best pop-art work brings both sound and movement – not easy to achieve with flat areas of tone and black outlines. Although I hope i’ve moved on from the comic book representations, I still make use of those large flat sections of colour to balance out the more expressive areas of my paintings.

8. Vincent Van Gogh