Stoke Rochford Illustration

Stoke Rochford

I had the pleasure of attending this venue for a family wedding, Stoke Rochford Hall is a beautiful old house at the heart of the Lincolnshire countryside. It made for an interesting illustration too… I do like a bit of architecture and this building has some fascinating features and decorative embellishments. The weather was even better than depicted here! In the end I gave this framed Stoke Rochford piece as our wedding gift to the happy couple, another memory of a perfect blue sky day.

Wedding Gifts & Stationery

I seem to be building a good list of wedding venues as paintings and it’s something I get a lot of enquiries about through my Etsy shop. I think, due to the illustrations working well on greeting cards, clients like to see the image reproduced as stationery as well as commissioning the original piece.

Let me know what you think or leave me a suggestion for a place to paint next!

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