London Skyline

Canary Wharf - London Skylines

A couple of new cityscapes to share with you today. Skylines that illustrate the rising towers over the London horizon. These urban scenes are always interesting to me, the abstract shapes and architectural details form sharp contrasts with an expressive sky. I’ve been finding plenty of joy in adding more subtle colour to those cloudscapes, while retaining the bold colour of the city sprawl. The above image is created from a couple of viewpoints overlooking the docklands of Canary Wharf.

The painting below takes a vantage point from the top of a nearly block, looking out between the Shard and the Lloyds building. It features the evolving urban sprawl of tall buildings and rooftop gardens under a blue sky filled with wispy clouds.

The City of London by Jonathan Chapman

Both London skyline illustrations were completed on 39 x 29 cm acrylic paper with paints and fine ink pens. You can now snap them up as originals in my online shop and they will shortly be available as cards and a limited edition print.